Monday, March 23, 2009


We are gonna have a teaser up soon...

You've got nothing to worry about

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We've got some real heat coming soon. Stay tuned because we will set the world on fire. Blaze on.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

por favor

We've been passing this video around the One5 office lately. Check it out. 

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Well hello dear friends. I know it has been quite some time since you've heard from One5 Media and for that all I can say is I'm sorry. We have pretty much rapped up things for the mountainboarding season and are enjoying some of the early snowboarding that mother nature has allowed us access to.
We released Shralpdown online for free earlier this summer and the reception we received was amazing. Tons of you downloaded and watched the version online. For those of you that had problems viewing online we uploaded Shralpdown to Youtube and Vimeo A hard copy of Shralpdown is now available through MBS. The DVD has tons of bonus sections including behind the scenes sections and director commentary. Click this link to order your copy today.
We had an amazing season of riding and traveling all over the United States. The year culminated with the IMFI(International Mountainboard Freestyle Invitational) in Colorado Springs, CO. We broke the riders up into two heats and did an open jam qualifying format. From that we picked the top eight and they battled in a head to head format. The riders and crowd enjoyed the change in format and we got to see some incredible riding from each head to head battle. Right out of the gate Matt Silva did a huge frontflip on the first jump to backflip on the second. He really gave Kody Stewart a run for his money but Kody eventually took the heat and the win beating myself in the final round. In the rail jam riders spun on and off of the box and gapped to down on the flat down rail. Matt Silva again pushed the level of mountainboarding by doing a backside 360 to 50-50 backside 180 out on the flat down rail.
Surf the Earth is looking good guys. All the riders have been working hard to top last year’s effort and we couldn’t be happier. Anyway guys we’ll try to keep in touch more frequently. Until then keep on shralpping.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Mustache Tour Of Destruction

How could a road trip with 10 full grown mountainboarders packed into one vehicle get even dirtier? Make that vehicle the MBS van and slap 10 full grown staches on their faces. Granted, one of those staches was sad and sorry and another was drawn on with a sharpie, but even so, the Mustache Tour of Destruction was and will most likely be the dirtiest road trip for a long, long time.

The crew, from left to right: Jason T. Lee, Tyler Mork, True Grizz, Matt Silva, Dave Stiefvater, Brandon Johanns, Devin Garland, Benton Jackson, Evan Carlson. At the bottom there is Wilson and Juice Dutcham is not pictured. Photo by Justin Dersham. So, on with the story...

It all started on Friday morning in the snowy MBS parking lot. The whole crew was mostly on time and ready to go because anyone whose ever traveled with Jason T. Lee knows you can always be sure of two things:
1) His favorite place to eat is Subway.
2) The van leaves in 10 minutes.
According to the itinerary, mustache inspection was at 9am and we were to leave at 10. The simple fact that one full hour was devoted to inspection let us know that this was a serious expedition. Of course, it did give us time to figure out how to fit 10 people’s gear plus camera equipment into the trailer and all of us into the van. Other interesting locations on the schedule included cliffs, skateparks and secret spots. We were stoked to be back on the road with MBS. Despite Carlson taking forever doing who knows what, we left relatively on time and headed south towards the border

Mork ready to ride.

The first spot we hit was the Pueblo cliffs. As we moved south we slowly outran the storm but the weather was sour nonetheless.

Grizz, Brandon and Ecar tuning the reception.

Wind test.

Facing high winds up top and a field of yucca for a landing, these guys stached up and dropped it anyway. J took advantage of the wind to harass us with a monstrous kite from below.

Cool indy Evan. Photo by True Grizz

Cool kite J. Photo by True Grizz

The weather was bad for the rest of the day but didn’t hamper our spirits one bit. By late afternoon we reached Raton, New Mexico and the famous Mount Jlee. The mountain is named such because it is the very mountain on which Jason was born atop and is the current home of Granpapa Jimmy Lee and his wife, Bina. Jason’s parents were gracious hosts; they outfitted us with all the goods we could ever require. As we rested up at the top of Mount Jlee, the storm really started to move in. We figured a fierce blizzard might be a good time to get some shots so J rallied the troops and led them down from the mountain.

Meanwhile, Bina had cooked up some fine spaghetti and sausage, so after the blizzard sesh we went inside to scarf some nums, claim our rooms and warm up with a tasty beverage.

True Grizz usually sleeps in a tube.

On the second day of the trip we ventured into the heart of New Mexico. Our first stop was in Santa Fe at the most elusive dirt jumps one could imagine. Jason, the most experienced dirt jump locator, was stumped for a solid hour. Only with the help of ePhone, a.k.a. Ecar, and his iPhone, did we finally find them. Some local bikers were stoked to see mountainboards they had before “only ever seen in videos.” We gave them some boards to mess around on while ePhone, Devin and Brandon had their way with two separate wall ride setups.

Yes, you! Go! Photo by Justin Derhsam

The push.

Evan Carlson above the wall. Photo by Justin Dersham

Brandon Johanns front 1 to back 1. Photo by Justin Dersham

Some great lines were also thrown down on their challenging rhythm section by Benton and Papa J. After Subway in Santa Fe, we got back on the road south to meet up with Matt Silva in Albuquerque.
No road trip is complete without riding a proper drainage ditch and, lucky for us, the aqueducts of Albuquerque are epic. It didn’t take us long to find a nice one off Indian School Road (for anyone who may be passing through). This girl was several miles long with banked walls on each side. She was a carver’s dream. On top of all that, it was sunset when we rolled up so, with everyone’s effort, we took home some beautiful shots.

After the sun went down, we headed to the Albuquerque skate park, which is big, outdoors and lit ‘til late. Devin’s a skatepark killer and had some awesome lines complete with backflips, boardslides and back 1’s. Brandon impressed us all by not only riding a skate and mountainboard, but showing off with some 3’s on a borrowed BMX as well. And then, just as it was time to leave, Mork laid down the dirtiest MJ the world has ever witnessed.

Albuquerque at dusk.

Devin Garland gettin' his. Photo by True Grizz

When it was all over, we piled back into the van and began the push back to Raton. By this time is was getting late and the crew was feelin’ it. Co-Captain Dutcham even relinquished his spot in the peanut gallery to take the wheel for a minute and give J a break. After a few long hours we made it back to Mount Jlee, but barely.

On the third day of the trip we got up early yet again, said goodbye and thank you to Jimmy and Bina, ate their Raisin Bran, and left. Our first location, before Subway even, was the Trinidad skatepark. This was probably the coolest park of the trip and it was completely deserted. Devin and Dave had their day, Benton rode some nasty freeride lines and everyone else got to work on a huge dirt quarter in the parking lot.

Juice having a tweak.

So, how could anyone possibly have fun with a QP in a flat parking lot you may ask?

Well, with an MBS van tow-in of course. J knows how to drive that thing and probably would have gotten some air with the van if we asked him. Instead, he was happy setting up the other riders with plenty of speed to go big out of the pipe.

Benton Jackson, van tow.

Ecar grabbing melon.

Next up on the list was a secret spot Jason had been talking about the whole trip. I’ll cut the suspense and just tell you right now; it was a castle.

A full on stone castle, on a hill, surrounded by forest, in the mountains.

All the Euros reading this are probably like, “Yeah, whatever,” but let me tell you something else. It was built by one man. One man! With his hands. The man’s name is Bishop and I’m writing of Bishop’s Castle. If you ever find yourself in Rye, Colorado, Bishop’s Castle is a place you have to visit. Plus, you will probably have your board in your car and Bishop will let you ride it wherever you want. Just make sure to give The Man a donation.

The Man, Mr. Bishop.

True Grizz at the top. The bridge leading to nothing may or may not have passed Colorado building inspection.

Bishop sitting by the fire.

The final stop of the whole Mustache Tour was right where we began, the Pueblo cliffs. Luckily, this is a huge area and a second location was found without much difficulty.

We lingered around the cliffs for a while after the session was over, reflecting on the good times, the scenery and the staches. Too soon it was time to pack up and start the long drive home. We parted ways in Colorado Springs and the ShralpHaus crew rolled into Denver late Sunday night. Then I took a shower.

Thanks for the great time guys. What a kickoff to the season. See you in Kansas. Oh, and be ready for a Shralpdown! screening.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Saturday Smackdown

The MBS Backyard was the host of the first ever Saturday Smackdown on April 5. It was also the first MBS sanctioned shred of 2008 and will become a regular event throughout the year.
There was a great turnout, great riding, and great music from DJ JLEE pumpin out the jams from the back of the van. Smackdown enthusiasts at the roll in
The Scorpion, Juice Dutcham

Ecar a.k.a. Icar a.k.a. Ephone

Kody gettin' swayze

Mid session, MLF made an anonymous appearance in the form of a box of abandoned t-shirts.

True Grizz responding to an attack made on him in a recent video by MLF video.
Among other things, he also had this to say regarding the attack:

"In these most modern of days it is becoming ever easier to succumb to the homoculoid status of what one might call an 'internet mall rat.' Like those people that just do not leave the mall, internet mall rats grasp at every echo of a chance to partition their binary thoughts in a collective and world-wide atmosphere. Hence these former beach goers seek solace in the degredation of this already tainted field and yet another pointless liberation is fueled. On the internet you may encounter similar situations as these. I would suggest you bring your knee and ass pads as this will be a long and highly scabbed sit. In fact, get up, its Go Time."

As to what Trugg means by "Go Time", one could only guess, but a good start might be found here

The Smackdown was truly an event for all ages and skill levels. The pros who made it out were riding right along side first time riders and it was clear that the best mountainboarders out there were the ones having the most fun. Logan Field, also on top of page

Kody Stewart

Jason T. Lee, shown here jumping a volvo, coordinated the event and said he was pleased with the outcome.

"The first Smackdown was a grand joyous occassion," Lee said, "close to 20 riders and bikers of all ages and abilities gathered to ride and have a good time." He also added, "For those of you living under a rock, Saturday Smackdowns are freestyle jam sessions held at the MBS Backyard on the first Saturday of every month."

Remember, this is the father of mountainboarding we're talking about, when he says every month, he means every month. So, if the rest are anything like the first, the MBS Backyard is the place to be every first saturday. See you there.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


DENVER, COLORADO -- Last week One 5 met up with Kody Stewart, local heroes Devin and Devin (Fritz and Garland), Matty K and Juice Dutcham for a skatepark jam. For your viewing pleasure, here are a taste of the results.

Fritz double grabbin

Devin Garland gettin some

Kody Stewart

Juice Dutcham keeping it safe with a seatbelt

Thrusty Kody Stewart

Matt showing off his custom graphics

Style kick


Keep an eye out for these guys, they'll hurt ya.
Also keep an eye on the One 5 blog. More coming soon!